RunningBearDog Karelians-Photography
Karelian and Nature Photography by Gail Rasanen
My name is Gail Rasanen and I live in the U. P. of Michigan, along with my husband and 4 Karelian Bear dogs. Having retired from breeding I am dedicating this site to my Karelians and their puppies and my almost 15 years of photography of this spirited, persistent, working breed. Here's just a little in about the breed. They do best in rural areas with room to run. They need a job, a purpose, preferably one that allows them to use their natural hunting abilities. They require much more time than the average family can give them and are not for the casual dog owner. I am just getting started with adding KBD photos and photographic digital art to my Redbubble photography pages, so check back often for new images. Copy and paste the url below to your browser, or you an search on Redbubble under my name or RunningBearDog. You can also find me at FineArtAmerica at the web address lived below.

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